BCOS it works!

bio-circular operating system

BCOS by ricion is modeled on nature’s cycles. By using natural processes, many of today’s biogenic residues become climate-positive and regenerative resources for the future. In the spirit of natural cycles, these material flows are not linear, but organized in circular systems. Waste is thus avoided entirely. BCOS helps to meet climate goals and regenerate natural resources. It’s a lucrative and scalable material flow management.


Operating system


Water regeneration


Soil regeneration


Utilization of residues


ricion treats liquid and solid biogenic material flows for regeneration and valorization according to nature’s methods. The management of material flows is an integral part of BCOS.

suitable materials


Depending on the nature of the input material, it is subjected to a multi-stage treatment using nature-based processes until a ready-to-use, ecologically sound and marketable product is created.

key technologies

Our great key technologies protect the environment and natural resources with an active contribution to climate protection. At the same time, they are economical and promote a comprehensive regional circular economy. These technologies are used on ricionAQUA and ricionTERRA projects alike.


Modern carbonization plants run continuously throughout the year and are virtually noise- and emission-free. The plant carbon obtained is used for the production of Terra Preta products and many other applications.

Carbonizing biomass instead of burning it produces high-quality plant carbon as well as excess energy in the form of heat or electricity. Since only half of the biomass is converted into energy during the carbonization process, which releases CO2, the other half remains permanently on the ground in the form of plant carbon and is thus considered an effective CO2 sink. This makes a generally acknowledged contribution to active climate protection. In the otherwise usual complete combustion, such as woodchip-fired combined heat and power plants, all the carbon contained in the biomass is emitted again as CO2.


In fermentation, biomasses are not completely metabolized, as in rotting or composting. Instead, the biomass is transformed and stabilized.

BCOS fermentation is a special biological process that takes place in two steps; first, anaerobic lactic acid fermentation takes place, lowering the pH and producing lactic acid. In the second step, the desired reductive microorganisms, such as yeasts, photosynthetic bacteria and certain fungi, multiply and develop a stable symbiosis. This ensures that the biomasses are not completely metabolized, as in rotting or composting. Instead, the biomass is transformed and stabilized. The energy it contains is largely retained. In the BCOS process, fermentation is used to biologically activate plant charcoal. The resulting concentrate – Palaterra® -Initial – is the basis for all ricion products and for numerous BCOS process applications. These include the treatment and valorization of solid and liquid biogenic residues.


Our high-performance soil filters operate without external energy and are maintenance-extensive. The BCOS system offers stationary and mobile solutions.

BCOS high-performance soil filters are physical-biological treatment stages for municipal, agricultural, commercial and industrial wastewater. They can also be used as 4th and 5th treatment stages in the effluent of wastewater treatment plants. The BCOS system offers stationary and mobile solutions. A special feature is the proportion of Palaterra®-Initial in the porous, mineral filter material. Our high-performance soil filters operate without external energy and require low maintenance. Natural mixed planting with partially flowering wetland and marsh plants promotes biodiversity and enhances the landscape.

treatment and processing of:


The regenerated raw materials are returned to the material flow cycle after treatment. Marketing can be done by the customer or in cooperation with ricion.

ricion offers business models individually tailored to customer requirements. We support customers in selling the products or take over the entire marketing.

biogas & terra preta | gross-gerau wallerstädten

Innovative digestate treatment, carbonization and production of Palaterra®Initial.

municipal water purification plant | st. alban

Natural municipal wastewater treatment plant with partial mixing system and sewage sludge humification.

oase21 | riegel am kaiserstuhl

Project planning of a climate-positive and resource-saving residential and commercial area with carbonization, terra preta production, local heating network, gray water recycling, care water supply and microfarm.

modular & scalable

BCOS can be as simple and versatile as nature itself. The entire system is modular and can be applied individually. Systems can be integrated into existing structures or constructed as new facilities. Our dedicated engineering and technology team accompanies you on the way to a cycle-oriented, resource-saving and climate-positive future.

The project implementation takes place in 3 phases. At the beginning there is a concept study, which provides a well-founded economic comparison based on the individual requirements of the project. If required, accompanying field tests, analyses, etc. are integrated. In phase 2, the project is implemented with planning, approval procedures and plant construction. Phase 3 marks the start of operation. 

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