Gärrest2Humus “G2H” – Lighthouse project

Stadtwerke Groß-Gerau has been operating a biogas plant since 2012 to supply the surrounding communities with renewable electricity from renewable raw materials. Since 2023, the liquid fermentation residues produced in the BGA have been refined into marketable products based on “Terra Preta” in an innovative “G2H” plant from ricion. In addition to the four treatment stages for fermentation residues, the site also has an industrial carbonisation plant where woody biomass, such as forest residues, regional tree and shrub cuttings, etc. are used to produce thermal energy and biochar.

The “G2H” plant was subsidised as a nationwide flagship project as part of the National Climate Protection Initiative due to its high GHG savings potential.

The entire innovative “G2H” process was developed by ricion CTO Joachim Böttcher and is protected by patent. The “G2H” process is now one of ricion AG’s primary business areas and is now to be rolled out across the board at other BGA locations in Germany and Europe.