Lighthouse project oase21 in Riegel

The municipality of Riegel am Kaiserstuhl on the outskirts of the university city of Freiburg is under strong pressure to settle. Due to the limited availability of land for further building areas and the high demand for living space, the local council has decided to implement new forward-looking planning and design approaches. An ambitious neighbourhood development concept was created on the basis of a perspective workshop with citizens, which was subsequently deepened and combined into a holistic development approach by dedicated specialist planning offices.

ricion has a key role to play here, namely the development and planning realisation of the core issues of a blue-green infrastructure. This includes forward-looking rainwater management in line with the “sponge city principle”, the separate collection and treatment of grey and black water, a grey water recycling plant with a useful water plant greenhouse and an energy centre with carbonisation, a local heating network and Terra Preta production.

This creates a variety of synergies and regional value creation models that realise a holistic neighbourhood development in terms of the circular economy, bioeconomy and national water strategy.

Due to its innovative, holistic approach, which integrates several relevant fields of action for a forward-looking, climate-positive and climate-resilient settlement structure, the planned project can be classified as a model with a high regional and supra-regional role model character. The still far too high land consumption in Germany and the enormous challenges posed by climate change will also have an impact on the planning, development and realisation of new development areas in the future, which will give the project great appeal. This is also the reason why the project has received extensive funding as part of the German government’s National Climate Initiative (NKI).

Now that the design and approval planning prepared by ricion has been unanimously approved by the municipal council, ricion will soon be commissioned with the further service phases. We would like to thank the municipality of Riegel for their courage to break new ground and look forward to continuing our constructive collaboration.