G2H – The solution to ensure the continued existence of your biogas plant

Biogas plants (BGP) are becoming increasingly unprofitable because the costs for fermentation residue utilisation have risen massively due to the 2020 amendment to the Fertiliser Ordinance and the EEG is expiring for many plants. The ricionG2H process is a solution that can also ensure the economic operation of your BGP in the future.

The ricionG2H process consists of 4 treatment stages, namely coarse separation, fine separation, OSF and a HBF. Here, the liquid fermentation residues are further refined into marketable ricionterra-based products. Optionally, the site can also be equipped with a carbonisation plant to enable further synergies and value creation potential.

The ricionG2H process has a modular structure and can be customised to the respective size of the biogas plant.