Cooperation and strategic partnerships

ricion aims to use its key technologies and the associated expertise in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and as many other countries as possible to provide significant impetus for the establishment of a “whole-system” circular economy based on the principles of the “bioeconomy”.

Our ricioncore solutions can make a fundamental contribution to achieving society’s climate targets and regenerating natural resources such as soil, water and biodiversity.

But one thing must be clear to us – the urgently needed transformation towards regenerative action requires more than just technical solutions! It needs a new basic understanding, it needs holistic, systemic thinking and yes, it needs the mindset of “connectedness”!

For ricion, solidarity means a shared understanding of how we can effectively and swiftly tackle the huge challenges of our time, such as the climate crisis, loss of resources and environmental degradation. For us, solidarity also means “networking”!

We can only achieve the pace of transformation and regeneration that is needed now if we are well networked and join forces.

For ricion, building a comprehensive network with science, business and civil society on the basis of long-term partnerships and collaborations is an important element for the successful realization of the circular economy and bioeconomy in terms of regeneration.

We have organized our collaborations into five clusters, namely plant sales, project implementation, finishing and packaging, product sales and research/development.

Here is a selection of our cooperation partners: