ricion products

Our high-performance ricion products are manufactured at several production sites, primarily from regional input materials. The ricion process is consistently applied, whereby high-quality “EBC”-qualified biochar is biologically activated by fermentation with selected mineral and organic additives. The resulting concentrate – ricioninitial – is the basis for all ricion products and for numerous process applications.

Our product portfolio currently includes a range of basic products for agriculture and horticulture as well as for other applications in the areas of soil regeneration, horse husbandry and waste water treatment.

Sales through trading partners (B2B)

Our products are primarily available for resale via trading partners such as wholesalers and specialist retailers, agricultural trade companies, garden centers and larger production companies.

Together with our trading partners, we strive for long-term business relationships.

If required, the packaging can be tailored to the wishes and requirements of our retail partners (white label).

On request, we can develop and produce individual product variants for you based on the ricion approach. Please get in touch with us.

ricion products for agriculture

With our ricionbodenaktivator product range for agriculture, we are deliberately pursuing the goal of widespread application and distribution throughout the entire agricultural sector!

Our products can be used in both conventional and organic farming. They are ideal for “regenerative agriculture and soil management” with its special requirements for minimally invasive soil cultivation according to the credo “loosen deeply and work shallowly”.

The general aim of our ricionbodenaktivator product range is to promote “soil nutrition” and the build-up of humus, which also leads to optimum plant nutrition so that the use of additional mineral fertilizers can be largely or completely dispensed with.

A huge advantage of our ricion biochar-based products compared to all other commercially available soil conditioners and fertilizers is the fact that their effect is largely maintained regardless of the amount applied to the soil.

With each additional application, the positive effects on water storage capacity, activation of soil life, humus formation and plant nutrition are increased.

ricion products for horticulture and landscaping

Our ricionkultursubstrat product range offers high-performance growing media for commercial and leisure horticulture for growing and cultivating herbs, young plants, potted and potted plants.

Our ricionkultursubstrat are consistently peat-free and made from regional input materials. A special input material is separated, fiber-rich fermentation residue from biogas plants, which is produced throughout Germany. The addition of ricioninitial promotes the positive properties of the digestate and effectively buffers the negative ones, such as salt content and pH value. Together with the other regional input materials, such as wood fiber, bark products and clays, very high-quality growing media are obtained, which can completely replace the use of peat, especially in commercial horticulture. This makes an active contribution to the protection of natural peatlands and at the same time to active climate protection.

Our ricionpflanzsubstrat product range offers high-performance universal substrates for planting trees, shrubs, perennials, etc. as well as for creating green and meadow areas for horticulture and landscaping as well as for the entire “urban green” sector.

Our plant substrates enhance degraded, compacted soils and ensure improved water and nutrient retention.

ricionpflanzsubstrat are suitable for use in permanent crops such as urban tree plantings, natural wooded islands (Tinyforest), rose gardens, perennial gardens and roof gardens due to their high proportion of high-quality EBC-certified biochar.

With our ricionpflanzsubstrat product range for “urban greenery”, we are pursuing the goal of offering a climate-positive and efficient replacement for conventional compost. Most composts have a negative climate footprint, as half of the carbon introduced is lost during composting in the form of COand other climate-damaging gases. In addition, there is a high energy input for the permanent supply of oxygen via conversion or aeration. Composts are usually mineralized further in the soil, so that there is usually only a temporary “fertilizing effect”.

ricion products for horsekeeping

Our ricionstalleinstreu offers horse owners several advantages compared to conventional bedding or straw. They contribute to animal welfare, increase “handling comfort” and, if desired, offer an all-round service in regions with larger numbers of horses or larger stables.

Animal welfare is promoted through a better barn climate, as ricionstalleinstreu regulates the humidity in the barn due to its high moisture absorption capacity and significantly reduces harmful ammonia.

The “handling comfort” is increased because ricionstalleinstreu has to be cleared much less frequently due to its absorption and absorption capacity, which means that less solid manure is produced overall.

In future, regions with a large number of horses or larger stables will be able to benefit from an all-round service if only ricionstalleinstreu is used in the stables. In such cases, special storage containers can be set up at the stables, which can be collected free of charge as required. We produce high-quality ricion products from the ricionstalleinstreu horse manure mixture in the sense of cascade use and a regional circular economy.

Like all our products, ricionstalleinstreu contributes to active climate protection because the biochar it contains binds CO2 in the long term.

ricionterra biofilter substrate

Our ricionbiofiltersubstrat was specially developed for use as a high-performance filter material in vegetated soil filters. It is suitable for ricion “high-performance soil filters”, retention soil filters and other near-natural soil filter systems. The special properties of the input materials and the biological activation of the biochar contained promote the temporary fixation and fully biological decomposition of carbon compounds, macronutrients and micropollutants.

Due to its ricioninitial initial content, ricionbiofiltersubstrat, like all our products, contributes to active climate protection because the biochar it contains binds CO2 in the long term.