Nature is our role model

ricioncore refers to our technology toolbox and thus our accumulated knowledge, our solution approaches, various processes, products and patents. ricioncore corresponds to our way of thinking, which is orientated towards the natural cycles of nature. Many of today’s biogenic residues are not “waste”, but valuable materials. Waste” becomes climate-positive resources for a regenerative future. The core of our work is the utilisation of nature-based processes. It is characterised by perfect material flow management. ricionaquaricionterra and ricioncarbo can be found to a greater or lesser extent in all our plants – in ricionoase21, all three processes are synergistically combined. Liquid and solid biogenic residues are turned into value-added products. These are the principles of an extensive circular economy and bioenergy – and thus our ricioncore with the goal of REGENERATION!

We produce biochar from biogenic residues in carbonisation plants that are dimensioned according to the capacities of the respective project. Biochar from plant residues is a valuable product that removes large quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere and has a wide range of properties. The synthesis gas that is produced in modern carbonisation plants during the production of biochar from the input biomass can be converted into heat and electricity, for example.

ricionterra valorises biogenic residues and the nutrients they contain (e.g. phosphate, nitrogen, potassium, lime, magnesium and trace elements) into high-quality products for the regeneration of soils or the establishment of regenerative agriculture and land use. The process we use to biologically activate biochar via fermentation creates unique products with properties similar to the legendary Terra Preta. These are used in private gardens, in urban areas or in agriculture to increase yields and build up humus. Thanks to their exceptionally high nutrient and water storage capacity, our products continuously supply plants and soil organisms with nutrients and moisture. This property is particularly noticeable during long periods of drought.

ricionaqua stands for comprehensive “waste water” recycling and can be used for various applications. In our complete solutions, the solids are separated from the liquid components and treated. Fully biological purification takes place via our high-performance ricionHBF soil filters, where soil fungi, bacteria, filter material and marsh plants work together synergistically. The purified wastewater can be used as process water in buildings, e.g. for toilet flushing or production processes, but also for irrigation purposes in urban green areas and in agriculture.