Management Board

The Management Board of ricion AG consists of two members. They manage the company under their own responsibility and are monitored by the Supervisory Board. The members of the Executive Board are elected by the Supervisory Board.

Michael Tschoepke
Chief Executive Officer

Global leader with a proven track record of operational excellence and decisive, strategic leadership. He sees the big picture and is flexible to overcome unforeseen obstacles.

Joachim Böttcher
Chief Technology Officer

Horticultural engineer, pioneer of the Terra Preta movement and recognised expert in regenerative material flow management with a focus on soil, water, agriculture and land use. With over 500 realised projects, he has many years of experience in project implementation and lectures at the University of Wismar and the LUMSA University of Rome, among others.

Jérémy Lopinto
Assistant of The Management Board and COO

Entrepreneurial spirit, studied Business Administration and Law, international networker, dedicated to create a change by connecting people, companies, ideas, and projects. It’s all about inspiration, cooperation and the right timing.