ricionoase21 – The blue-green infrastructure
for urban spaces

ricionoase21 creates a holistic supply and disposal solution for urban areas (villages, towns and city districts) through the intelligent and synergetic combination of ricioncore technologies(ricionterraricioncarbo and ricionaqua). Through site-specific overall planning, biogenic residual materials and wastewater from urban areas, gardening, agriculture and industry are processed as valuable materials or resources and refined into products. This conversion creates considerable local added value, in which citizens often participate.

Urban areas in particular need a “consistent regenerative circular economy” that takes a holistic view of all material and energy flows with a view to optimizing them. Man-made material flows must be managed and closed in a similar way to natural material cycles. This includes all elementary infrastructure facilities, such as water supply, rainwater and wastewater management, waste recycling, energy and food supply.

Future settlement and neighborhood structures must be designed according to the sponge city principle and cause the least possible land sealing. They must contribute to natural cooling and the promotion of biodiversity with open, surface water cycles and nature-based vegetation. Focusing solely on the global reduction of CO2 emissions is an inadequate approach that falls short both economically and ecologically.

Municipalities wishing to develop residential and commercial areas can use the ricionoase21 approach to take new, forward-looking paths towards comprehensive climate and resource protection and flood prevention. Through individual overall planning, biogenic waste materials and wastewater are processed in a decentralized manner and used to generate energy, process water and terra products. This transformation creates considerable local added value, in which municipalities and citizens can participate in many cases.

WinWinWin on all levels – ricionoase21

By treating and recycling liquid and solid biogenic residues, which were previously costly to dispose of, ricionoase21creates a potpourri of ecologically and economically sensible symbioses. Special features and advantages result from the holistic system approach for the climate-positive urban spaces of tomorrow. These include the avoidance of material losses through one-sided disposal routes, the use of synergies through the coupling of supply and disposal routes and the promotion of regional value creation models.

One system with many benefits

The products obtained from ricionoase21, such as humus substrates, fertilizer, process water, irrigation water, energy and food, contribute to the local supply in the catchment area. The resulting added value serves to relieve the financial burden on citizens and to refinance investments and operating costs.

The system is modular and scalable – horizontally and vertically – and has a lasting impact on the climate, environment and resources! ricionoase21 creates a new urban space with a high quality of life.

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