Nature knows no waste and can only appear wasteful for this reason. In it, everything moves in a constant cycle from which nothing is lost. The foundation of ricion AG is based on the holistic principles of natural cycles.

The “end-of-pipe” mentality that has been imposed on “our” blue planet since the beginning of industrialisation is neither ecologically, socially nor economically sensible. It’s time to break new ground. “Making the world a little better” – that’s not enough for us! Organised as a private company, we also pursue goals that are geared towards the common good and our aim is not “just” to alleviate, but to regenerate. In order to achieve genuine “regeneration”, we strive for holistic material flow management in the areas of soil, water, biogenic residues, regenerative agriculture and land use in the sense of a comprehensive bioeconomy.

ricion has developed nature-based, efficient and resource-saving key technologies and processes for regeneration. With the legendary “Terra Preta” and the associated carbonisation, the high-performance soil filters and our combined ricionoase21 system, we implement projects for a forward-looking blue-green infrastructure in climate, environmental and resource protection.

»Invest in nature, it’s forever!

A fruitful co-operation!

In a festive ceremony, the technical director of ricion AG, Joachim Böttcher, and the managing director of Biofabrik Technologies GmbH, Oliver Riedel, signed a forward-looking co-operation agreement. Biofabrik is a marketer of innovative high-tech recycling technologies for solving energy, waste and nutrition problems. The latest coup is the technical optimisation and market launch of the TCR carbonisation process developed by Fraunhofer-Umsicht. With its three combinable technology modules ricionterra, ricionaqua and ricioncarbo, ricion AG offers variable and scalable solutions in all areas of the bioeconomy. The congenial combination of the two companies now makes it possible to jointly develop new sites in which the TCR process is synergistically combined with the ricion technology modules. The first projects include a site expansion of the G2H plant (digestate to humus) in Groß-Gerau-Wallerstädten.

Joachim Böttcher emphasises: “We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration in the sense of a long overdue change towards a comprehensive circular economy worthy of the name. We are moving away from the previous end-of-pipe mentality towards genuine regeneration”.


The first step

If you would like detailed information on our technologies and system concepts for local authorities, companies, financing options and our innovative products in the fields of agriculture and urban greenery, please contact us by phone or e-mail.